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Political predictions for 2019

Trump vs. Democrats will head to the Supreme Court

It is no doubt after the authority and grant from the House of Financial Services Committee that Congresswoman Maxine Waters will issue a subpoena to President Trump on accusations of tax fraud and evasion of tax returns. The Congresswoman will most likely initiate the first move by sending a formal writing agreement stating such purposes, which will then indict an explosive reaction of false accusations being held against him and heavily criticize the actions of the House of Democrats. This will then initiate lengthy court battles where White House Chief, Mick Mulvaney will fail to acknowledge the subpoena on behalf of the president. However, such actions by the Democrats will favor them as it depicts they are not afraid to take the battle to the President of the nation.

A less known Democratic presidential candidate will make headlines

The initial months of 2019 will see Democrats publish their list of favorable presidential candidates such as Cory Brooker, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Jeff Merkley, Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Gillum, Eric Garcetti, Sherrod Brown, and Amy Klobuchar. There is no doubt the favorable front runners of today may win the election; it is most likely an unknown candidate will favor the odds after the televised debate commences.

Joe Biden will decide to quit politics

This is a significant reality many believe to inevitable considering the retired and experienced politician who has run for president two times in the past and failed to make it, will likely decide to spend his final golden years away from the hustle and bustle of politics and spend it with his family and loved ones. Joe Biden after a history of over 40 years in politics will cease to see any more pressure-filled political atmosphere.

Matt Whitaker will obstruct the release of the Mueller report

There is a definite chance and guarantee that Acting Attorney General, Matt Whitaker will take advantage of his influences and power to obstruct the public release of the Mueller report from the special counselor, Robert Mueller, on the grounds of denying any coalition and cooperation between the Russian Federation and the presidential elections. Instead, it is most likely Whitaker will release a modified report to the public, after which Robert Muller will host a live-interview on prime time disclosing his findings. Post interview, discussions of impeachment will be held based on such grounds.



Trump will sign a deal with Kim Jong-un, and it will fail

The tension between the nations will be relaxed for a while, and it will be back to normal after the supposed summits fail to initiate said success in denuclearisation of nuclear weapons in the Korean subcontinent. North Korea will claim to destroy its array of intercontinental ballistic missiles and decommission nuclear facilities and elements such as plutonium, while the U.S will agree to relax sanctions over the nation and stress for peaceful commitments. However, it is only a matter of time before which country plays its first hand and how long is the peace treaty likely to last before each nation begins to make rival accusations against each other.

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