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Best Free Apps to Speed up Your Android Phone

Device management and RAM cleaning apps are great options to keep your phone free of unnecessary junk files and processes that slow the device down. Here are some of the best free RAM management apps you can consider, curated by experts from US casino online sites.

  1. All-in-One Toolbox

As the name suggests, All-in-One Toolbox is an Android booster app that offers a lot of functionality. AIO Toolbox features a one-tap booster option that will allow users to clean up cache, background apps, and free memory. The app also features an app manager and a file manager to view files. The app will allow users to cool down their device using the inbuilt CPU cooler which can be used to clear background apps and reduce load.

2. Norton Clean

Norton Clean is a solid option, for users looking for a free app to speed up their devices. While the company is known for security-based software, Norton Clean is an app focused on making your device run smoother. The app features a junk file cleaner that can be used to eliminate cache, obsolete APK files, and other residual files taking space on your device. The software also includes an app manager for removing bloatware and apps that are no longer needed.

  1. Files by Google

If you are a fan of Google’s catalog of apps and services, Files by Google is the software for you. To start off, the app can be used for free. The app will allow users to not only access pictures, videos, and documents that are stored on their devices but will also aid them in removing junk files and bloatware clogging the device. The app will allow users to easily free up space on their handsets in just a few taps. The app can track the available storage space on your device as well as external sources such as an inserted MicroSD card, and clean up the same.

  1. Smart Phone Cleaner

The Smart Phone Cleaner app features a junk cleaner feature and a RAM booster option for freeing up memory as well as junk files and cached apps.
It features an app manager and a file manager that will allow users to manually delete or back up apps and APKs. Smart Phone Cleaner also packs a Battery Saver tool for killing power-hungry apps, as well as a game booster functionality aimed at clearing background processes to allow games to run smoother with reduced lag. You can even clear your cache at real money pokies Australia if you have an account with them.

  1. 1Tap Cleaner

Users who want a simple app that can be easily used, to free up space on their device can use the 1Tap Cleaner app. The software is built to make the process of system cleaning as simple as possible. Users will just need to tap on one button to clean up their device.
Tapping on the app’s auto cleaner button will clear your device of junk files, cache, and search history. The app also features added tools to clear your phone’s call history and text messages and an app manager.

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