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Biggest Battery Draining Apps in 2022

Here are some of the most popular social apps that drain your battery the most, courtesy of online casinos nz.

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is the type of app that will eat every bit of your battery life. With its strange notification service, it will keep your phone awake and suck every last drop of battery out of it. Additionally, Snapchat uses location services that report in real-time, but you can turn to disable the tracking system if you want. However, this app is a video app that includes a chat. This means it consumes a lot of battery, and in order to save it, you should turn off tracking, and any other unnecessary notifications.

  1. Netflix and Youtube

Just as we mentioned before, all video apps tend to consume a lot of your battery. That’s why Netflix is at the top of our list. Additionally, Netflix also sends notifications to keep your phone awake. Unfortunately, there is no way to save your battery while using Netflix. You just have to try watching movies on your laptop rather than your phone. YouTube is probably everyone’s favorite app, where they spend most of their day watching videos or listening to music. Maybe you like to watch highlights of basketball games while consulting NBA odds. Of course Youtube is great for that, but it will drain your battery juice very fast.

  1. Facebook

The biggest social media network app will act as a sponge and suck your battery down to the last drop. The biggest problem with Facebook is that it runs many things in the background that you are simply not aware about. For instance, it syncs updates, runs notifications, syncs contents, and connects with other apps. Fortunately, there is a solution. Facebook allows you to turn off the notifications and restrict some background data processing to save your battery. You can also limit the time spend on the app on your phone or you can ask your friends for tips at best au betting site.

  1. Messenger

Facebook’s twin brother Messenger is probably the biggest battery drainer from all the messaging apps. Just like Facebook, Messenger runs in the background, and it syncs contacts and pushes notifications occasionally. You cannot send messages on Facebook, which means this app is necessary. In order to lower the messaging battery consumption, you can download Messenger Lite for iOS or Android, which is designed for low-end smartphones. The lite app is smaller size and uses less battery.

  1. Flipboard

Flipboard is a news app that may even come pre-installed on some Android phones. It can be customized to customer’s interests, and it will show you stories and articles you are interested about. Just because the app runs in the background, it consumes a lot of battery, plus the constant notifications about the latest news will drop your phone dead in hours. You can turn off Flipboard’s notification system to save battery life or delete the app and browse news on the web.

  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This kind of App is all the rage in today’s world. You would know this if you have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your gadgets, and if most of your friends do too. People are known to use VPN For privacy or for some other reasons. Just like most mobile apps, a VPN remains connected in the background, and it drains your phone’s battery fast. It is true that VPNs are one type of indispensable App, so you may probably be wondering what to do to find the battery drainage issue. Well, here is a simple solution that can help you save your battery. Only turn on your VPN app when you need to use it, and just like you do with Bluetooth, ensure to turn it off immediately you are done.

  1. Spotify

Music is generally believed to be the food of the soul, and we all do ourselves the pleasure of feeding our souls and also light up our days with various genres of music. This is why people enjoy apps like Spotify, Pandora, and other music apps. Unfortunately, our beloved Spotify happens to be one of the greatest battery killers. Spending long hours of enjoyable listening are wonderful and all, but your battery life won’t last beyond three hours if you keep up with the habit.

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