Best business ideas for women
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Business ideas for women: 10 options to start immediately

Despite the fact that women represent the majority of the population in Mexico, only three out of 10 companies are founded by women. The little time available, job discrimination, or lack of access to capital hinder their entrepreneurship. Turn these limitations around and start with these 10 business ideas for women.

Greater concern for the environment, greater care for their employees, as well as better financial management, and less debt are some of the benefits of businesses with female leadership. Women have skills and qualities that make them perfect for running companies.

Top 10 businesses for women

Business ideas for women

Now that you have done a self-diagnosis and recognized these qualities that will make you a great entrepreneur, check out the 10 business ideas for women that we recommend.

Personal Shoppers

If you are passionate about fashion and follow industry trends, this idea to start a business is for you. It offers the personal shopper service to people who have gone through changes in their lives, such as a job promotion, the birth of a child, or weight loss. Renew your wardrobe according to your physical characteristics, lifestyle, and goals.

Strengthen your networking network to make yourself known, and seek strategic alliances with fashion stores or events related to the industry. Do not forget to open accounts on social networks where you share tips that position you as an expert to reach new prospects.

School Snacks

According to INEGI, 32.9 million students were enrolled for the 2020-2021 school year, equivalent to 60.6% of the population aged 3 to 29. With the return to face-to-face classes, the opportunity arises to start this type of business from home for women.

The market segment is parents or guardians who do not have time to prepare a healthy lunch. Take advantage of this need and sell snacks or full meals with different nutritious menus every day of the week.

Beauty And Personal Care Services At Home

Given the confinement measures, the number of people willing to pay to receive personal care services without leaving homes, such as haircuts and dyes, increased. You can operate this low-investment business recommendation for women just a few days a week or make it your full-time job.

Complement your offer with specialized services such as makeup and hairstyles for parties. As well as manicure, pedicure, and waxing. Make yourself known in Facebook groups and offer attention via Whatsapp to schedule appointments. Use digital tools like Google Calendar or to keep a more productive schedule.

Travel Coordination

This business idea for women is perfect to operate from home, you only need a computer and a smartphone. It consists of the organization of trips, whether tourists or for work with a comprehensive offer. It includes transportation, lodging, food, and even recreational activities.

Coordinate an itinerary based on the style of the trip and the personality of the travelers. Look for preferential prices for agencies in transport companies or airlines, as well as in restaurants, hotels, and tourist parks. This will allow you a higher profit margin.

Organization Of Removals

If people who move house agree on something, it is how tired it is. In addition, the stress caused by the moving process makes it even more difficult to arrive at a new place. Give your customers a break with packing service and organization of belongings in boxes.

As you improve your recruiting skills, partner with or hire people you trust to get started. Your price should include everything you need for this organization, from the boxes to tape and markers for identification. To make yourself known, create a website and social networks to reach individuals or companies.

Rallyes For Companies Or Schools

Both young and old, we enjoy challenges and treasure hunts. Use your imagination and take advantage of your storytelling skills, to organize rallies or test competitions focused on a topic of interest to schools or companies.

As part of your service, design experiences in the same educational or work center, in various locations, and with different duration, themes, and objectives. Design standardized packages tailored to the needs of the client. Remember that the goal is to learn while having fun.

Gift Baskets

The seventh recommendation of these business ideas for young or mature women is to make Christmas baskets or corporate gifts for companies. Whether it is to recognize the efforts of your collaborators or to thank distinguished clients, it is a great detail that will improve the commitment to the company that grants it.

Take advantage of this opportunity and offer a variety of baskets that allow you to serve customers of any budget. Be sure to only accept orders that you can handle, as attention to detail is the most important thing for your reputation in this type of business. Create a photographic catalog and look for alliances with suppliers.

Crafts For Events

Become the ally that everyone wants to decorate their celebrations. In Mexico, we love to celebrate in a big way, and with this idea to undertake you will not lack work. It offers decorative and personalized elements, souvenirs, and sweets, depending on the theme of the celebration.

Train yourself with courses on party decoration trends and arrangement techniques. Develop packages to offer your service to clients with different budgets. Be sure to promote your services on the websites of party suppliers, candy stores, and party halls, and create social networks to upload photos of your events do not forget to ask your customers for reviews.

Preparation Of Photobooks

Despite having the cell phone almost every moment of our lives, it is difficult for us to see photo albums at home with the memories that we portray every day. What would happen if we lose our backup in the cloud or lose the cell phone? This risk becomes the opportunity to undertake the printing of photographs in albums, known as photobooks.

The quality of the paper and printing must be of high quality to conquer the hearts of your customers. In addition to the photos in a book format, it offers personalized calendars, agendas, or cards. Look for prestigious suppliers and make yourself known on social networks.

Watches And Accessories

This women’s accessories business does not require a physical space to start. Use social networks to upload your catalog of personalized accessories and watches. Whether you want to specialize in certain materials such as silver and gold or you prefer to venture with a more diverse catalog.

As an added value, it offers engraving of the pieces and technical service. Look for alliances with jewelry stores and specialized stores for a better cost and be sure to ask for recommendations and evaluations of your clients to increase your confidence in new prospects.

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