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Components that will help you look for the right pickleball shoe


As a pickleball player, you should never think of playing the game on your regular sneakers or your running shoes. The shoes for running are not suitable for the kind of motion experienced in pickleball game. If you wear the wrong shoes, there is a possibility of getting injured during the game. Always look for shoes that are suitable for your gaming experience and that will offer your gaming style a boost. To do that, you have to find specific shoes. Although pickleball sport has no official shoes yet, it is recommended that one should use court type shoes for the game. They are the types of shoes that can offer the required comfort, offer you stability and also support. They are basically suitable for forward and back and side to side kind of motion. In this article, we have come up with different shoe components and how they can act as a suitable guide to help you find the right shoe for your game. Read review here for pickleball shoes for more. Below are some of the components that will help you know what to look for

The upper shoe

The upper shoe part is the first component to be keen with when you are looking for pickleball shoes. The upper part is always made from a different material. The most common material is leather, synthetic or a combination of the two. Remember that the court shoes are what you are looking for. A few court shoes are made from leather material. So many people prefer shoes with the upper part made of synthetic leather. The reason for that is because the shoe can offer more stability without breaking down.

With leather material, be sure that it will soften over time. Therefore, stability is also bound to be lost over time. Although synthetic leather is not that cheap, as a pickleball player, you always have to consider stability first. That is because it is a determinant of how your gaming experience will be. The upper shoe part should provide the utmost stability to the player and that is why one should be very careful when selecting the upper material. Before you make your purchase, fit in the shoes. Try moving forwards and back. Move side by side just to make sure they are comfortable.

Midsole part of the shoe

The midsole part of the shoe is always chosen according to how a person’s foot is and what they prefer. When making a mid-sole selection, concentrate on the arch height. The width is also to be considered. With midsoles, there are no short cuts. The only way to find the best and suitable midsole for you is by trying out the shoe. Until then, you will not know if it will keep you comfortable. For more on the midsole, read review here for pickleball shoes.

Shoe outsole part

When you are looking for the shoe outsole part, non-making shoes can be the best choice. That is, the shoes cannot leave marks. When looking for the outsole, you also have to pay attention to the durability of the sole. There are different types of soles to choose from. The design of the sole will also determine if you will be stable. Always be keen on your search. You do have to end up with shoes with soles that make it hard to go forth and back and sideways.

What determines your selection on a different component

There are so many determinants on what shoes to select and the specific components to dwelling on. Below are some of the things that people look for when choosing the different component

  • Durability

So many players would want to choose a shoe that they will wear at least for a longer period of time. That is why so many customers are always keen on the material from which a shoe is made of. When it comes to durability, both shoe components contribute a lot. The outer component should be made from a material that is durable and the sole should be a long lasting one.

  • Stability

The type of material that you choose will dictate whether you will be stable or not. There are different materials from which pickleball shoes are made of. We have leather material, synthetic leather, and a combination. Choose a material type that will offer you full support. Comfortability is also very key when it comes to stability selection.

  • The type of shoe

You well know that you cannot use your normal shoe in playing pickleball games. when making your selection, look for a pickleball shoe that can enable you to flexibly move forwards and backward plus sideways. That is very possible if you only select a court type of shoes. Therefore, before you start selecting the different shoe components and parts, make sure that you have rightfully selected the right court shoe.


Pickleball games can be played indoors or outdoors. It is a game that is gaining popularity gradually. Today, there are so many players who are playing the game for fun and those who are playing it as a professional. If you are a serious pickleball player, you will know how much the right paddle can do for you. You also know what choosing the right shoes for the game means. You should take time to examine the shoes that you would wish to wear during the game well because they contribute a lot to how you will perform.

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