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How to get involved in politics?

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine one person making a difference in this world. Our society faces many challenges. Some are huge, some are more manageable, but all require the action of at least one person. Start by making the world a better place by being that person locally. Get involved in local politics and watch the world change right before your eyes.

How to get involved in politics?

Participates in meetings of the city. Mix with local, state, and federal politicians. Find out about the problems your community faces. Meet others who support the same causes as you. Express your opinion and see what positions in politics interest you.

Show your support for the political system by voting in every election. Most importantly, get others to vote with you. Talk about the issues with people and inspire them to let their opinions be heard through their votes.

Help at a local political office. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat or a Green Party member, all political parties need volunteers. Work as equals with them and learn about political processes. Connect with others involved in local politics. Start from the bottom and learn how it works. Look for volunteers for organizations that promote causes like the environment, health, campaign finance, or immigration reform.

Start your political organization. Whether it’s a local affiliate for a national campaign or something specific to a cause that no one has politically cared for yet, go ahead and do it. Get your friends and family involved. Host events, fundraisers, seminars, or even a night of bowling. The idea is to expand your passion for the cause and get others to join you.

Start an online petition. Instead of banging on doors or stopping people at malls, get people involved with an online petition. Get yourself involved in political blogging. Post your opinions and have others join you as well.

Show yourself and apply for a local position. Municipal offices are available for re-election all the time. Find a position where you know you can excel and start your campaign. Call your local political party and ask if there are positions available for election. Take to the streets and let people know that you are the person for the job.

What studies to become a politician?

Let’s start from the base and, therefore, from the course of study that a young aspiring politician should undertake if he wanted to enter politics. As anticipated in the introduction, there is no real and compulsory course of study that a boy must follow to become a politician: and in fact, we must not forget that the politician is not a job or a profession in the strict sense. What does it mean?

It means that the politician, to become a politician, does not have to pass an admission test or a state exam, as happens for doctors and lawyers: the world of politics is potentially open to everyone, regardless of academic and academic qualifications.

On the other hand, being a politician is not a job. It is quite evident if only one considers that the politician is not salaried for what he does, but can receive at most an emolument as compensation.

Returning to the studies that need to be done to enter politics, those who prefer the analysis of government mechanisms of a nation and relations between foreign states are undoubtedly recommended. In short, a degree in political science and a degree in law is undoubtedly indicated for the future administrator of a nation or even just a local authority.

In fact, in these academic courses, the student will have to take important exams to achieve his goal: constitutional law, administrative law, international law, political economy, etc.

What activities bring you closer to politics?

There are no age limits to enter politics: anyone can begin to devote themselves to their municipality’s political activity from a very young age. Therefore, there is no need to wait for a degree; indeed, it is not necessary to have one. This means that the sooner you get busy, the better.

What are the main activities that allow you to approach politics? Undoubtedly it is useful to be part of associations sensitive to the problems that most afflict the territory: think of the bodies that aim to spread culture through the reading of books, or those that offer to provide free services, such as consultancy services or psychological assistance.

Even the establishment of associations or committees in support of certain realities can be an excellent way to enter the world of politics: think of the organizations created to avoid hospitals’ closure or other very important structures for the territory.

In short: everything that can bring you closer to the reality you live in can help you get into politics; remember that politics is like a mountain to climb: you do not start directly from above (for example, from the Government), but from below, that is, from local policies. Therefore, you must be present in the area you live in and show interest in what is happening there.

Attend political meetings and meetings

Crucial is that you start attending political meetings and meetings; even if you live in a small town, I’m sure that there too will be held, more or less periodically, meetings in which politics, local or national, will be discussed.

Living these realities is very important to enter the world of politics and begin to realize what your true orientation may be. The advice I would like to give you is not to “inherit” the political color from your family: the son of a person siding with a right-wing party does not necessarily have to be right-wing too; the same goes for the children of those who vote on the left.

Do not venture into a political career unless you have a clear idea first; above all, what must always guide you is the love for your country and the will to change it for the better.

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