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I want to be a politician: What to study?

Political Sciences, Sociology, Law, and Economics are careers that those who want to dedicate themselves to politics tend to study. However, they also need transversal skills such as communication, stress management, and tolerance for criticism.

Have you followed the last presidential campaign in the United States? Would you like to be the one to manage the coronavirus crisis in our country or decide on what to invest public money in through budgets?

In the first place, it must be clarified that currently, the law does not require having certain studies to engage in politics. Now, this does not mean that you do not need to train. Quite the contrary. You need to prepare and conscientiously. Every ruler must have specific training to hold a political position. Because a said person has an assigned role of great responsibility and requires specific and extensive knowledge to be able to occupy that public position that meets the different social demands.

The most common careers to dedicate to politics

Many politicians and politicians have reached the top of their careers through different university degrees. Among the most common, Political Science and Sociology, Law and Economics, and Business Administration stand out. However, this basic knowledge must be complemented with others, as suggested by the different experts consulted.

To exercise as a politician or politician, one must know how to analyze and interpret the political, economic, legal, and social reality and understand change situations. As well as understanding the structure and functioning of political and legal institutions, public administrations and political systems.

Knowing the basics of democracy and understand the historical dimension of political and social processes and their current impact are other important issues to exercise political.

A president is called to manage a nation’s public resources and be the guarantor of good foreign relations, especially in the globalized world in which we live, and that each time will be more prominent.

The transversal competencies to be a good politician

Specific training, very important. What studies should be taken to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that the person who wants to dedicate himself to politics should possess?

Specific knowledge is very important to make decisions quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Still, there are also a series of transversal competencies without which it would be very difficult to become a great politician or politician. Get to know them and get ready to be the best candidate!

 1. Communication and public speaking

He must communicate decisions to citizens clearly and coherently so that everyone sees his proposals as necessary. It is necessary to transmit information, ideas, problems, and solutions to both specialized and non-specialized audiences.

 2. Negotiation techniques and tolerance for criticism

Related to the previous competence is the art of negotiation, that is, knowing how to negotiate, agree, and dialogue to be able to carry out public policies, as well as to be able to approve or take the different measures and decisions that are given with the maximum consensus political and institutional possible.

This transversal competence also implies listening, empathy, and the ability to tolerate criticism. On and off your team. This point, I think, is key to extend it to those you love most. It should be remembered that it is not a dish of good taste for a mother to have to listen to opinions through the media fierce criticism and mockery towards the personal or, worse still, having to observe graffiti insulting your daughter or son on the way to the market.

3. Change and stress management

Every professional in politics is under great pressure, which generates a high level of stress. That is why a good politician has to know how to manage the frustration of working under pressure.

 4. Honesty and ethics

Finally, but not least, there is honesty, ethics, thinking about the common good, and not only the best for oneself. It is the most important, transparency in management and honesty. All politicians should have this characteristic to avoid lies, fraud, and extortion. In this way, decisions and projects would be fair. In addition, there would be no work to obtain, only power and prestige.

The sources consulted highlight the importance of those dedicated to politics knowing how to capture the needs of the citizens they represent and how to satisfy them. Of course, always with a critical spirit and without falling into hasty, risky decisions or populist measures may lead to protests, riots, or any type of social conflict.

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