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Three Reasons Why You Should Buy Sony’s PlayStation 5

Although it’s been a little over two years since the release of the PlayStation 5, it is still quite difficult to get one due to its shortage. PS5 are sold out in almost every online marketplace as scalpers have been buying the products almost immediately to sell them for a spiked price. This, however, has made people hesitant about buying it from them.

Two months earlier, Sony restocked the console in many official shops and it is available to buy at the official price that was listed on its launch date. Ever since its release, the PlayStation 5 has only improved with new games being included as well as firmware updates that increase the console’s performance. In this article from online casino real money, we will be giving a few reasons why you should buy Sony’s PlayStation 5.

New Games

One of the reasons for the fame of Sony’s PlayStation series is due to the variety of games available for its consoles. PS5 has a first-party gaming lineup with exclusives that are designed to run on the latest console with improved framerates and higher resolutions. Some of these games include Horizon Forbidden West, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, The Last of Us 2, and many more.

The PlayStation 5 is still bound for the release of games like God of War Ragnarok, Final Fantasy XVI, Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic, Spider-Man Remastered and many more. If games intend to play all the exclusives, they should be going for the PlayStation 5.

The DualSense Controller

Just as how the Sixaxis controller revolutionized the gaming experience for PS3 games, the DualSense controller also brought its evolution to the gameplay experience with impressive haptic feedback controllers that lets players feel every step, raindrop and more hit across the body of the controller. The haptic feedback improved players’ sense of touch significantly. The Adaptive triggers also improved players’ immersion while playing games like Call of Duty. The DualSense Controller is packed with features that improved the gaming experience on a controller. As a gamer, you shouldn’t be missing out on this as it will give you a whole new gaming experience at online casino South Africa.

Simplified User Interface

The PlayStation 4’s release brought about a new era of user interface which help players organize their games and streaming services to their taste. This updated user interface also made it easy for both streamers and gamers to communicate with friends as Sony dedicated sections for player parties and streaming as they play. The PlayStation 5 made it even easier as players can now choose between games or the media tab, and it separates streaming apps from games, making them more organized than before.

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