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Top 5 Free Fake Call Apps for Android

Here are five free fake call apps available for Android smartphones, courtesy of robinroo.

1 Voice Changer – By AndroidRock

Available on Google Play Store for download is this lightweight Fake calling app called Voice Changer. A star rating of 4.4 stars and great user reviews, should reassure you that voice changer is one of the good ones. What is the key to making a good prank call? The voice modulation! Because, if your friend recognizes your voice, then he would obviously be able to identify you before you could even begin with your fake call and laughs!

The Voice changer application is meant exactly for that. It offers a range of voice changing effects such as a robot, chipmunk, big alien, small alien, old man, child, foreigner, drunk, bee, chorus, underwater, devil, creepy movie, duck, etc. You can mix up multiple effects while recording to confuse your friend even more in the course of the call.

2 Fake Call – Prank by GameAndro

It is one of the best fake call apps for Android. It is available on Google Play store for download, free of cost. It is insanely simple to use! You will surely get a hang of it within minutes of downloading it. The app is frequently updated and comparatively new and that is why you can actually depend on it.

To activate a fake call, you have to click on “Call now.” You can even set a schedule, to set a timer for your fake call. The app allows you to set the caller name and caller number. You can even choose a caller picture, to leave no place for doubt. For voice modulation, it will allow you to set a voice effect for the caller. The recording feature is also available to record the call with desired effects beforehand.

3 Fake Call- Fake incoming phone call Prank by Soft Droid

Now here is an application, that will help you wiggle yourself out of an obligatory conversation or a boring meeting. It is not much of a prank calling application, but more for incoming fake calls to yourself. You can create a fake call for a specified time, without actually getting a call.

The best thing is that it can work without the internet as well. You can schedule a call from a fake person, by setting a fake caller id like Mom, pizza boy, Police, etc. Set a picture and name for your caller, to make it look more real. It allows you to customize your ringtone for the fake call as well.

4 Automatic Call Recorder

Record and Choose which calls you to want to save, in unlimited amounts, as much as your device memory allows. Though this is not much of a prank calling app. But you can definitely record calls from specific contacts and play them again later. If you get through with the app, then you can definitely come up with a few innovative ideas to use these recorded calls to prank call your friend. All recorded calls are stored directly to the Inbox for your reference, later.

An example of prank calling would be a recording of your professor firing you over the call, which you can later use to scare your friend over a call. The application supports Dropbox and Google Drive Backups. Essentially, the application is free but the pro edition will allow some really cool custom features. You can use it to prank your friends while they playing games at jeux de casino en ligne.

5 Fake Video Call and Girlfriend call prank

One of the best apps for fake video-calling. The Fake Video Call and Girlfriend call prank app allow you to set timers for multiple incoming video calls. You can edit and customize the calls to your wish, and make them look more realistic. The best thing is that this app is not just for fake video calls, but also for fake text messages, which makes it more realistic than ever.

It’s time to make your girlfriend jealous of all the other multiple girls trying to slide into your contacts. The app is frequently updated, and bug fixes and improvements are a regular thing. It has a decent score of 3.8 Stars on Google Play, but it is worth a go because not a lot of such apps exist in the market. It is a very lightweight app and won’t occupy much space on your phone.

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