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Top ten online business ideas for 2022

The digitization of production processes, consumption habits, the way we communicate… all these changes have opened the door to thousands of new professions in hundreds of sectors and industries.

If you are looking for an online business idea, the large number of options available may end up intimidating you. Not to mention that making the wrong choice could ruin your initial investment.

To help you find the right one, we have compiled a list of the best online business ideas.

Online business ideas based on sales


Perfect online business idea

Dropshipping is a business model with a great projection for the future. It consists of the marketing of products online from the manufacturer to the final buyer, without the need for inventories or warehouses. It is a perfect online business idea for those who cannot or do not want to make a large capital outlay.

Sell Online Training

Much of today’s society does not have enough time to attend school or training courses. For this reason, the sale of online courses is a profession that grows every year. In fact, even universities offer entire careers through virtual classrooms.

The sales model that you are going to carry out will depend on the type of subject you want to teach. For example, language teachers have at their disposal an infinite number of web portals with which to start teaching with a practically minimal initial investment. You can also create your own online school and sell pre-recorded courses.

Sell On Marketplaces

Marketplaces are virtual shopping malls where anyone can sell their products. The great advantage for entrepreneurs is that they can work without the need to create an online store, with the resources offered by the marketplace itself sufficient.

If you like this online business idea, you should know that we have guides to sell on Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress. Do not hesitate to visit them and see if they meet your expectations.

Create An Online Store

Another option if you are interested in selling products is to invest in your own online store. The great benefit is that you will not have to pay sales commissions.

In addition, you will get full control of your business, branding, and traffic attraction channels. You will also have total flexibility on the items you are going to market. On the other hand, management will be much more expensive and complex.


Due to high competition, any digital business—including those mentioned in this article—needs to rank well on Google if it wants to survive. For this reason, organic positioning experts are highly valued professionals today. If you have knowledge of the subject, do not miss the opportunity.

Advertising Consultant

An advertising consultant is in charge of analyzing the markets and guiding brands through different marketing or branding strategies. This type of online business can be oriented towards advertising on Google, in traditional media, or a mixture of both. As with the SEO expert, this profession has a great future projection.

Business Adviser

Do you have knowledge in management or search for new business opportunities? It is possible that you can help other entrepreneurs to move their organizations forward.

And it is that as the article you are reading right now demonstrates very well, every day more entrepreneurs need advice about how to start or manage their companies. For this reason, consulting is one of the business ideas that will grow the most.

Monetize Your Knowledge On Youtube

If you have professional knowledge in any subject, you can open an internet channel to share audiovisual content, whether live or recorded. This is an online business idea that millions of people around the world aspire to for its convenience and high-income potential.

The great advantage is that you can focus the content on what is good. You can even combine it with other professions mentioned in this text. Teach SEO on your YouTube channel?

Community Manager

In the age of social networks, having communicative capacity and originality can bring you more than considerable benefits. The figure of the community manager is highly appreciated by large companies. Its mission is to harness social media to create brand impact through clever posts. If you are an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook addict, maybe this is a perfect online business for you.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are secretaries who provide their services remotely. These professionals usually manage administrative tasks such as the calendar, customer service, or accounting. It is also possible to specialize in specific sectors and provide other types of services.

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