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Ways of getting popular on Instagram

Instagram has become the most preferred social media site because it creates a fun connection between people. One can connect with friends as well as families and be able to share their photos and videos as well. To make the Instagram experience much better, you will need to reach out to a big crowd. A bigger crowd will make you be noticed and be famous as well. Below is what you can do to increase the number of people following you:

    1. Your profile should be reading “public

Making your profile visible to the public is a good start if you want to be famous on Instagram. Getting famous is not easy if you will need to approve each one to follow you on Instagram. To maximize on the followers, you should try to consider the following

  • Link your other social media accounts with your Instagram account

By doing this, you will be able to find your friends from other social media networks connected to your Instagram account. They will be able to interact with your content or post as well

  • Be careful about what you are posting

You should always take charge of your Instagram account privacy. Post things that will not embarrass you. For further privacy, avoid making your home address known. Let Momentology be your guide in gaining followers fast enough.

Follow people : If you want to gain new and many followers on Instagram, do not just sit back waiting to be followed. You should also make an effort of following other people. You cannot be found if at all you will not make an effort to reach out. The good thing with Instagram is that you have been allowed to follow up to a maximum of 160 people per hour.

  • Follow friends

Link your Instagram account to other social media account and find your friends who exist on other accounts. Follow them to encourage being followed.

  • Interest is important

When following accounts, check if they have the same interest as you. Pages that are associated with what you like doing can be of benefit to you.

  • Celebrity follow

Everyone is following celebrities on social media. When you comment on their content and posts, you will get exposure and a chance to be noticed by other followers. Alternatively, consider Momentology.

  • Follow people who follow you

Make sure to follow all your followers if you want long term benefits. If you do not follow back, you might end up losing the followers.

Follow accounts that are popular and be active in commenting : To gain followers, you can pick up some popular accounts. You can choose to pick a celebrity account or any other that is popular. Comment regularly on their post making it interesting for other followers to have an interest on your page too. This is the way through which you can be able to gain so many followers very quickly.

Try followers app : In this era, everything has been made possible. That is why there are apps that have been made available to help Instagram users maximize on the followers. The apps have made followers chasing much easier. The apps provide features that can help an Instagram user gain followers very fast.

  1. Keeping the followers you have

Have a solid theme for your account : If you want to make your account attractive and reasonable, you should try to pick a theme for your page and try to stick by it. Instagram users love to follow pages with specific solid themes. Therefore, before setting up an account, you should try to know what you like or what you are passionate about.

Have a solid and specified bio : When people want to connect with you, they should be able to tell who you are immediate. Allow your theme and your bio to match. When doing that, you should try as much as possible to avoid sharing private information. You can as well as use emoji’s to attract more followers.

A beautiful or good profile picture will do : When selecting your profile picture, make sure that you have selected the best. That is not all, select a profile picture that will match your theme. Make your Instagram followers find a reason to stick with you.

Comment on other peoples posts : You should not expect to be followed if you do not comment on other peoples photos. When you are inactive, no one will be interested in your account. Reason being, Instagram is a social media platform for fun and entertainment. No one would be interested in an inactive follower. Therefore, try as much as possible to also comment on other peoples posts as well as photos.

Regular posting is important : To make sure that your followers stick with you, make sure to post regularly. You can even have a calendar schedule for your posting. Posting every day is the way you can be able to keep your followers. Even if a regular posting is advised, you should not overdo it. Try posting almost two photos at a time.

Avoid shoutouts : Shoutouts involve posting names of people following you or tagging them. when you do so, you are promoting their page and not yours. To gain followers fast enough, consider Momentology for help.

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