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What is Geopolitics?

What is Geopolitics? There are several reasons to know the nature and essence to encode the modern world and know how to read it in a present key and, above all, in a future key. In this moment of the strong upheaval of international peace, certain professional figures are increasingly sought after.

To prevent the damage caused by international terrorism, the military forces and the actions of world intelligence have great weight. Still, the experts in Geopolitics who can outline the trends of the wars and identify the current and eligible hot zones are no less important.

What is Geopolitics?

It is the basic tool of Geopolitics experts that allows you to make sense of the world so that you can predict certain scenarios (including many critical ones) and act accordingly to limit the damage. How do we move in this sector? Let’s start with the right contextualization.

It is a matter in fashion, not for the reasons why technological clothes or accessories are in fashion but for the right and desired evolution of the study of the Western world. In the face of international terrorism, it has been realized that it is also and above all resisted by analyzing the borders and movements of individual nations.


The characteristic of geopolitics is that it analyzes power conflicts in specific spaces. Its definition explains that:

For this reason, he crosses different skills and disciplines in his reasoning: from history to geography, from anthropology to economics, and others. It is not science: it does not have laws, it does not have predictive faculties. It deals with the study of specific cases, for which it is necessary to compare the different representations of the subjects competing for a given territory, on various scales and in different temporal contexts, and between the respective projects, all equally legitimate.


Not only a geopolitical map but much more is behind how Geopolitics works. According to industry experts:

To compare competing points of view, not to affirm the truth of one. An operation that is possibly up to the decision-maker or narrators, in the sense of those who produce propaganda (narratives). Geopolitics is therefore not the heritage of a political doctrine, an academic discipline, or a specific historical period. It has always existed and will cease only with the end of the human species. Except perhaps continue in the competitions between artificial intelligence that have emancipated themselves from their inventors.

The subject is truly fascinating and socially very useful. But how do you become a professional in geopolitics?

Geopolitical maps

Now that the weight of a geopolitical map in the world balance is clear, here is a post-graduate study that will give you the tools to become an expert on it.

The master

Behind the first level master in “Contemporary military history 1796-1960,” there is the desire to train new geopolitical professionals. The approach, like the thematic area, requires, is multidisciplinary.


What does the professional study in Geopolitics? Here is the list of the thematic areas of this didactic process:

  • The history;
  • Theoretical considerations:
  • History and Social Sciences;
  • Reconstruction of a military event;
  • The Classic War;
  • The asymmetric warfare;
  • Peace support operations;
  • Considerations;
  • History and Social Sciences;
  • Geographic Map between art and politics;
  • The Geopolitical Maps;
  • Cards for totalitarianism;
  • War Cards,

Who is it for?

Are you sure that these studies on the geopolitical map and geopolitics, in general, can help you? Here is who the study is formally addressed to:

  • Belonging to the armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force);
  • Belonging to the law enforcement agencies;
  • High school teachers;
  • Public officials of extraterritorial realities such as Unesco;
  • Researchers, scholars, and lovers of historical subjects;
  • Graduates in humanities and law;

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