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Why young people should vote and do teens should vote?

Whatever your political preference, it is very important that you participate in the next elections for the governor to be held in your country and express your political will at the polls. Here are some reasons why young people should vote? You should reserve a time on your agenda and be a participant in history by casting your vote when your country’s election will come.

Why young people should vote?

Voting is a right of every citizen. You should vote for your favorite person for these reasons:

Because it is your obligation as a citizen

Among the obligations that we acquire as citizens indicated in Article 36 of the Constitution is the participation of each of us in popular elections. If we want a different country, attached to the rules, part of the task is to do our job. Civic culture is built and inherited.

To change the stereotype of the young

For years, young people have been classified as social groups disinterested in social events, which do not participate in elections. Let’s prove the opposite. Because young people do participate, we are interested in what is happening and we look for representatives who work for the common interests and not for a few. Let’s be the force at the polls!

Because it’s your right

Democracy is a right that we win through the struggle of dozens of years. Being able to choose and speak out about what we want for our country is not something gratuitous. In various parts of the world, voting remains a luxury for millions of women, youth, and minority groups. Let us appreciate the value of democracy and participate in this electoral exercise, which allows us to make ourselves heard and express our opinions, suggestions, and disagreements.

It is important to note that, for the first time, in these elections, citizens living abroad will exercise their right to vote. Although they do not reside in the country, they are still citizens and contribute to strengthening democracy, benefiting family, and friends who still live here. Therefore, the vote is important and they have the tool to cast their vote wherever they are.

Do teens have to vote?

It is possible to imagine that a whole state accepts it, which means that 16-year-olds could also vote in federal elections since the states are in charge of the electoral system.

Adolescents may not make the most sophisticated decisions. We value democracy not because it produces the “best” politics. Although sometimes it doesn’t.

The value is giving all interests an opinion in government decisions and providing an opportunity for political participation.

If it were up to me, I would lower the minimum voting age to at least 14. So, anyone would have a chance to vote on at least one ballot before graduating from school.

The presidential election may be the best incentive to make voting a habit. We believe in universal voting rights for two reasons: All citizens must be able to support their interests and all citizens must enjoy their own will.

And both apply to those who are 16, or even 14, years old. It also applies to those who are 18 or 21, or for that matter, 50 or more. The practical reason for allowing more teens to vote is voting and not voting forms habits.

As it is now, 18 is an unfortunate age to choose for the first time. People tend to have more the habit of voting if they have stable lives rooted in their communities. This is not the best description for many of the young people between 18 and 21 years.

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